Is This You?


Michael Stammer , AKA Coach Michael.
Hi. I’m Michael Stammer , AKA Coach Michael.

I have noticed that there are some characteristics common to the people with whom I to do my best work. Below is a list of a few of them.


What I’m talking about here is an openness to new ideas and perceptions.

Want Some Adventure

I’m not talking about hang-gliding, BASE jumping, or canoeing down the Amazon. I’m talking about a willingness to go to the edge of your current understanding and look over the precipice to what could be. I like people who are willing to try something that seems a bit “out there” now and then. (By the way, I might take you up on that hang-gliding thing or the Amazon trip.)


I love people who are hungry for fresh information and insights. (I love it when a player says, “Wow, that’s a good question!”)

Get it?

Want More (Not Willing to Settle)

I really get off with people who want to win.

Win a lot.

And win Big.

People who play full-out and are willing to sharpen their competitive edge are really cool.

Value people

This is one of the counter balances to the competitive edge. Ultimately, we all need to do good for and with the people around us.


Life is fun, if we lighten up and let it be. If we aren’t laughing along the way we’re clearly doing something wrong.

Play the Game.
Make a Pun.
Lighten Up
And have some FUN!
~ CoachMichael


It’s called respect of differences even while you hold to your convictions. We need a lot more civility in the world.


While personal responsibility and action is required of each person, we can do more, faster, when we connect to communities and teams that inspire, teach, and support us.

So is this you?

Or maybe who you would LIKE to be?

If so, then you should probably move on to the next step and…

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