It all started in a dance school

Michael Stammer – Always in YOUR Corner

I decided I wanted to learn ballet so I asked a teacher in my home town to train me. She told me I would “either be a star or nothing” since I was too tall for the corps. She was wrong.  I wasn’t a star in ballet, but I did become good enough for a professional company to hire me. While I wasn’t able to completely overcome a very late start,  I was good at learning principles which would change everything from that point forward.

Principles – the essential parts that, when mastered, allow all the riffs, creativity, and complexity you see in a master.

I hung up the dance shoes at the age of 26 and went into commission sales. I was good – eventually. It took time but I learned the principles and became the top sales person in a national organization.

Now, I coach. I’ve been coaching since 1996.

Just as in dance and sales, there are principles that make me good. And I’m really good at helping my clients master the principles that will make them really good at what they want to do. When you are my client you become a great player in a really big game in your life.


I learned from, and keep learning from, great schools, great mentors, and great clients. I keep my client list (current and past) private but here are some of the schools that trained me:


First there was the sales training company that coached me for many years as their customer before they hired me in 1994. (I’ll be happy to discuss the details in private.)

Then there was Coach U where I spent two years adding coaching skills to my sales-guy’s bag of tricks.

Then I became an early adopter of Coachville, a very special place for evolving coaching best practices.

And I keep my edge sharp with continuing training with the Graduate School of Coaching.


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