And Now For Something Completely Different

It’s been a long time since something really different came along in the coaching world, but that time is now.

Thanks to the genius and energy of Dave Buck, the CEO and co-founder of Coachville, we are launching an entirely new way to coach based on of what a coach actually does in the “real” world. Here are some key points.

1. All in
This means that the coach  and player aren’t in a rigid “you play, we talk and tell me what you did, then I’ll coach and then you play again” model without the coach really being there for the player. Really, you wouldn’t coach a tennis pro or a soccer team that way. The coach needs to be “all in” with the player and provide heavy duty, real-time/just-in-time coaching.

2. Selective Tribe
Coach Dave has estimated that an individual can only engage with 14 or fewer significant others in their tribe at a time. I think he’s right. Despite the huge numbers people put up for Facebook “friends” and social media contacts, those are not relationships. Certainly not the kind that you have between a coach and a player.

3. Purpose based
The coach has to surround themselves with players who share their values and purpose so that the coach, who is all in, will step up their own game so that the player will win. In other words, the coach REALLY, REALLY WANTS THE PLAYERS TO WIN. It matters to the coach.

So, here’s where I am with all this.

Over the next two weeks I want to have lots of conversations with people who kind of fit my “tribe” description (see Is This You) so that we can launch an AWESOME game together starting the first week of November. I have a couple of players who are already engaged with me who I am coaching this way and they will continue with me playing through 2016. I’m looking a a handful of others who want to achieve some AWESOMENESSS this year.

So, raise your hand if this is you and you want to be considered. I’ll make my choices as we get close to November.

Oh, and you are probably asking “What do I have to pay for this?”

Well, it’s not free.

You will pay some amount above zero dollars and we’re going to have that discussion when we’re talking about your game and whether we’re a match for each other. Trust me though, that won’t be our biggest consideration at this time. What I’m really looking for is a player with a heart to win, who is ready to go from good to great, and is ready for action.

It this sounds like you, then schedule a call with me below….

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