People talk about coaching

People talk about workshops and talks

NOTE: Coach Michael’s policy is to keep client information totally private.  He never discusses what is going on with a client nor does he publish lists of his clients. A few people have volunteered testimonials and given him permission to publish them here.

About Coaching

Before I started coaching with Mike Stammer I was doing lots of bids and proposals, “pitching” people on my services and working very hard for meager results. Mike showed me how I was basically “giving it away” and doing “unpaid consulting” because I didn’t have a system for controlling the sales process. He explained that I needed to learn how to pay less attention to my “stuff” and let my prospects show me how to sell to them. I decided to give it a try.

The first year we made our half-year goal a month early. The next month we made our third quarter goal! And the selling was easier than ever before. My business had changed forever.

Situations where I would previously have done a “bid” or “proposal” I now leave with an order and a check for a full-scale marketing plan. I now only do “proposals” for people who have agreed to be clients. (Mike showed me why doing bids and proposals actually decreases the likelihood that I would get the business and how to get paid to do them instead, which greatly improved my cash flow.)

He also taught me how to close up front and let the prospects handle the objections. Now when I sign a new client we have agreed on all the rules and any potential problems are addressed up front. My client relationships are stronger and I’ve virtually eliminated back-outs and think-it-overs.

I’ve learned to qualify prospects better and faster so that I am only spending my time working on high-margin, high probability business. So instead of guessing and hoping for the best I know real fast whether I have a “keeper”, a so-so prospect or if I am going to be wasting my time.

The only thing I would warn people about Mike is that he can be a real %#X@(* when it comes to holding your feet to the fire. He won’t let you be a sales wimp! But I guess that’s part of a coach’s job.

Philip Freedman
The Freedman Company, Marketing Consulting

We just landed a $7,000 research and consultation project – and I knew we were going to get it before I wrote the proposal. No time wasted with a proposal that went nowhere, thanks to your coaching! It works!

LH, President, Marketing and Creative Services Firm

As you may recall, when I first spoke with you my decision to go forward was based on a last-ditch effort to keep the doors of open. That, as I recall was late July or early August. Since late November I have barely seen the light of day as my business has been booming. WOW! What a turnaround. When asked by friends, family and business associates to what I attribute the success of the last few months- I always indicate Mike Stammer’s coaching.

Having had no background in sales yet being immediately turned off by what I term the traditional approach of sales people, it was imperative for me to gain insight into and establish a non-traditional means of selling my services. On this initiative you and your program scored an A+.

I have learned and continue to learn so much through your coaching and the group discussions, in general, it is difficult to delineate or rank a piece of the whole. However, the top two lessons learned thus far which I believe continue to be the most beneficial are:

1. Know what is important. Know when you gave it your best shot but it is time to put it in the drawer and move on.
2. Do not second guess your prospect/client by presenting a solution to a problem that may not exist.

I knew I had reached a personal goal in the sales process when after answering a few direct questions all of which revolved around me being able to provide effective solutions to a prospect’s problems when the prospect inquired, just what all do you do?

LW, President, Tech Firm

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(We) doubled the number of appointment and ratios of successful calls. (It was ) the single most valuable tool both personally and professionally. Gave me a home base to regroup, restrengthen & regather myself.

– KS, Advertising Sales

… I’ve spoken with a couple of my customers about the holiday mailing and THEY LOVE THE LETTER. A stockbroker told me it was fun/upbeat and helped him forget the reality of the stock market for a bit! Cool, huh? You were so much a huge part of it and I cannot thank you enough.

Mike, you keep me centered and thinking straight!

KH, Promotional Products

I’m averaging 2 new referrals a month with this system and am able to turn almost all into a sales. Thanks for your help.

JP, Realtor

I just wanted to drop you a special note of thanks for all the help you gave me. I just found out that I was selected to write a 156 employee Group Health Case (+ 114 dependents). Medical, Dental, LTD, Life, & extras! My biggest ever! The things you helped me with have paid off! I was fixing to throw in the towel, so I thought, what have I got to lose. So I dug in, and it paid off! You have made a big difference in my career. Thank you for that. I will continue to shout your praises to all who will listen. Thank you. –

JO, Insurance Agent

…gotten me past the problem with telling them what my fees are and then throwing their hands up and saying ‘your fees are too high’. That’s the first thing. It’s gotten where that’s not a problem any more. And then the number two thing (and for ME the biggest thing) is I actually know what is going on during the sales calls and I’m in control of them.

DV, President, Engineering Company

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It’s good to be back in your class again. I always get so much out of it. I read your email on Thursday morning – and followed most of the action steps – and decided that Friday (it works for me) was a good time and I had a LOT of follow-up calls to make. So I lined them all up and started calling without much success. I was getting really depressed and it was nearly 5:00 and I thought ok – I’ll make one more call. That one call resulted in an appointment with a high-end art gallery for a web site, newsletter and a maintenance package!!! I have really high hopes that it will be a sale! I think it nearly is already. I remembered one thing you told me – they don’t want to hear about what you can do for them, they want to tell you their problems. So I just let her talk and talk and talk. She loves me!!! I said about 2 sentences during the whole call! Needless to say, you’ve helped me once again. Thanks!

KP, Web Designer

I not only broke through to my goal I have had for 5 years, I now have a clear, structured plan to get to the next level.  I thought you might be interested in the outcome to date.  As of August I am ranked number 23 out of 200 agents in our market center … and am the only one of the 23 that does not have an assistant or team backing me.

I have found the team stuff you originally gave me very helpful. I am forever grateful for your coaching through that process.

Thanks again!   I thought you might like to know your work keeps on working.

JH, Realtor

I fired my salesperson yesterday. Not only didn’t he bring in the business, but his phone techniques were so lame compared to what you taught me. My brain kept telling me to wait six months to give him a chance to see results but my heart kept saying don’t keep bleeding. Well, yesterday, when I told him he was gone, I saw his true colors (and I had experience, unfortunately, laying off and firing tons of people–he was the most offensive and abusive and immature). And today he asked me to lie about the dates of his employment so he could get refinancing. Mike, I saw that my sales skills were way better than I gave myself credit for, thanks to you. And maybe even your therapeutic counseling gave me the way to my heart. Thanks for that too.

You gave me just what I needed. As a result I am taking more risks and am willing to say things to people that I couldn’t have said before. I just keep flowing from accomplishment to accomplishment.

Sales this year are up 286%!

What people should know is that working with you will not only transform their business–it will transform their personal life as well.

AE, President, HR Consulting Firm

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Sales grew by over 60% the first year…My income has doubled and my self-esteem is at the highest level ever. I’m bringing in million dollar customers everyone told me I could never get…And, most importantly, I’m having fun!

BG, President, Manufacture Rep Company

I want to give you some feedback on a specific issue you advised me on. Do you recall a couple of weeks ago when you coached me on how to approach my most important client regarding a price increase? I told you I was hoping for a 20% increase. Well, I followed your advise, and it resulted in a 50% increase.

LM, President Leadership Training Company

To Whom It May Concern:

I was stuck in a job that I hated and was extremely frustrated. Mike helped me focus on what I was tolerating in that job that made it so unbearable. This focus helped me realize that there was no future with that company, and that I needed to make a change. When I found a new position, he helped me by asking what would make this position different from the last. He also helped me look at what problems could arise in my new position and what I could do to forestall those problems.

I love my new job and have achieved some success in a short period of time, thanks, at least in part, to Mike’s coaching. Since I have been in the new position, he has listened to me and given me the feedback that I needed. He has given me tips and suggestions that have been very helpful. He has helped me solve specific problems as they arose. He has been my encourager, my appreciator, my leader, and my friend.

I wouldn’t take anything for the time that we have shared and the help that he has given me.


CC, in transition

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(I) don’t know if it really makes sense or not but somehow I got off of hold … I know that I had been holding my breath, waiting for decisions and comittments and holding off doing some ‘stuff’ as I grieved by son being out of my home and the huge change that resulted in my life. Well, somehow someway I got off of hold. I have been so decisive and so motivated and so able to see progress and it feels really good! Yeah! Some part of that was your nudge to really look at where I was and where I wanted to be. For that I am grateful. Blessings Back!

KG, Personal

Some Comments From Workshops and Talks

People talk about coaching

Glad I had the opportunity to attend. Loaded with BFO’s (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious). This is good. Need to revisit BFO’s frequently

Outreach Coordinator, Counselling Center

Good hands-on practice….Seminar really kept my interest — great level of energy! Excellent seminar that I’d highly recommend.

Account Manager, Technology Firm

You made it an informative and fun evening for all of us. You’ll be interested to know that everyone stayed 45 minutes after the meeting to chat. (They all usually leave right away!) Pretty amazing effect. Thanks again.

Program Directory, Technology Users Group

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Thank you for speaking at our chamber luncheon. I really enjoyed your presentation. I’m sure that many of our members learned some helpful tips from you.

Membership Director, Chamber of Commerce

Before I mention the EXPO, I want to thank you and Michael Stammer for having the EXPO preparatory meeting. Having never done anything like this before, I found Mr. Stammer’s information invaluable. He pointed out numerous items that I hadn’t even thought about. I might have made a silly fool of myself without his insight into EXPO’s.

JS, Mortgage Broker

I have been in sales and marketing for 17 years and your presentation to our group was one of my favorites. Your ideas were affirming and refreshing, I even picked up a few new tricks!

Sheri M, Business Forms Company

I wanted to thank you for the great program you did at our  class this Tuesday evening. It was a GREAT class and I learned so much. I have been practicing several of the things you taught us already and have been getting good results. The information you provided was so meaningful and useful.

Kim H, Training Company

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