How it all works…

Here’s what most people need to know.

I take an all in approach with Players.

I’ve shifted away from the usual coaching model of limited conversation about what a player is doing. Instead we want a deeply engaged relationship that is creative in finding ways for the player and coach to interact for more real-world, real-time impact.

I’m a Player too.

I am not a guru.

My role is to explore and experiment along with my players and to keep learning and getting better, just as I want them to do. When I have special or specific knowledge, I don’t hold back if it will take a Player out of struggle and into results and learning. I have my own coach who tells me the truth, calls me on my BS, and won’t let me wimp out when there’s a big play to make. I do the same for my Players.

I keep a very short list of Active Players on my roster.

Because of the level of connection between coach and player, I severely limit the number of active players at one time. The personal limit that I have chosen for myself is 9. If a player arrives who is ready for me, they may have to wait until there is an opening. (I have plans for a second tier coaching program down the line, but that is not yet available.)

I have no fee schedule.

“Huh?” is the usual response when I mention this.

I’ll explain.

After getting acquainted with someone who might be a good fit for our roster, if I see a good fit I will invite the potential player to make me an offer. It is up to each prospective player to make choices about what they want to accomplish and what that is worth to them. After I receive players’ offers I will make choices based on my personal desire to work with each player, the financial offer, and other factors such as access to larger markets, introductions, public praise, etc. In other words, while I will NOT be doing free coaching – I have to be paid, or I can’t afford to show up – money isn’t the ONLY factor.

We talk this through in detail with every potential player so both parties are comfortable and feel treated fairly.

Players sign on for a 90 day season.

I do this for multiple reasons.

First, it is simply a proven fact that the outer limit for most people’s peak individual motivation is about 90 days.

Second, the end date tends to establish urgency because the time horizon is short. In other words, it’s hard to procrastinate when you can hear the clock ticking.

Furthermore, having a roster that rotates new players in and puts some on the bench now and then is good for the dynamic. We all need some time off now and then. It’s good to mix things up with new people and new games.

Players can do back-to-back seasons.

Players may sign on for additional periods depending on availability and their offer. Sometimes things are clicking between the Player and Coach, and it makes sense to just keep moving ahead from season to season.