What is Your Game?

Typically, when people discover that I coach they ask, “What do you coach?”

I can tell that they are looking for a sport or skill like baseball or singing.  While I do have lots of special skills that I often integrate into my coaching (see here) the single most important element of how I approach the business is that I teach you to live your life as an incredible game.

A Game Mindset is a special way of being, living, and working. Games have internal rules and structure. We learn them and adapt to them. They need skills and behaviors which we can improve to play better. Games have stakes, i.e., you can win or lose. Games instruct you in the reality that you can influence a lot of things, even if you can’t really control them.

However, the single most important piece of the Game Mindset is the knowledge that, while there are structures and rules, a player gets to play inside the game.  Notice I said “gets to play.” I believe that most humans recognize that playing full-out in something for which we are passionate makes us better people. As we play, and get better, we BECOME the kind of player who tends to win in our game.

That is how people coach with me. It’s challenging, creative, fun, and exciting because we design everything around how to help YOU become the kind of player who not only loves the game but you get to win.

Let’s visit about your unique game and see if there’s a match. (Use the contact form at the bottom of the page.)

If you are scheduling a chat with me I strongly recommend that you give some thought to three fundamental questions below before we get together. They seem to drive every conversation about coaching, in every context.

Here they are:

1. What do I have that I don’t want?
In other words, there are people, jobs, things, tasks, feelings, etc. that you really don’t want any more. What are they?

2. What do I really want?
Knowing what you don’t want, while important, can make you reactive if that is all you know. You end up just reacting to whatever is the biggest pain of now. When you are clear on what you want, then you are ready to direct yourself. You are no longer being shoved around by circumstances.

3. What am I willing to do?
This one’s pretty self-explanatory.

Thinking about those three questions is going to improve your game, your life. Write them down. Carry them with you and think about them a lot.

Then contact me and let’s see where things go.