Pre-Game Preparation

I invited you to this page because you want to move to the next level and are serious about receiving coaching.

What happens next?

Well, you have to do a bit of prep to be sure that we are on the same page and even playing the same game together.

I have provided two different formats for you do to that preparation.

Recommended format:

This is an easy to use online series of simple screens that guides you step by step through an initial discovery process. It’s actually quite fun and engaging. I strongly recommend you try the recommended format first. It automatically scales to whatever device you are using be it large desktop screen or a small smartphone. When you submit the form you will be prompted to schedule your first full coaching session with me.

Go to the Recommended Form now.

If you use the Recommended Form, you can skip the rest of this page.  

In some situations I have had clients who could not easily use a keyboard or phone pad due to injury or disability. This link will take you to a form that you can print and fill in by hand. It can also be done with a keyboard but most people find the Recommended Form far easier to do online.  Click here to go to the alternate form.