Pre-Game Preparation

I have invited you to this page because you want to move to the next level and are serious about getting coaching.

What happens next?

As with anything in life, to get the results you want,  you have to do a bit of prep. We need to be sure that you and your coach are on the same page and are even playing the same game together. The form linked below will help you sort a lot of that out.

Don’t  let the depth of some of the questions cause you alarm. This is the beginning of a BIG shift for you, and you likely are entering some unfamiliar territory and it’s often uncomfortable going from known to unknown. (Remember the Comfort Zone vs. the Coaching Zone?)

What I’m asking of you is to take a look at the questions, to see if you have the answers, and let go of any concerns about “getting it right.”  This is not a black or white, right or wrong thing. NOT having an answer, and telling the truth about that, is just as valid as nailing a perfect response the first time. If you feel stuck on an area, just move on and come back to it later. 

The goal is to open up the space with possibility by asking questions to get you to expand.

Read through the questions. Answer all that you can. Come back at the end of the day and finish up what remains.You may want to print the form and write in it with a pen or pencil. Take as much time as you need to complete this, but try to get it done ASAP.

This is NOT about perfection. It is about progress.